Mina Rashid Marina

Services & Facilities

Electricity & Water​

Shore Power supply available: 50 Hz; 32 Amp to 1,600 Amp; electrical car charge facility available.

Pump-Out Station

A dedicated sewer facility is provided at docks for easy disposal of black and grey water.


24/7 service available at fuel stations (both Petrol & Diesel).


Visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi network coverage within the marina.

Car Parking

Berth users get access to FREE parking.

Showers & Restrooms

Each entry is equipped with showers and restrooms in proximity to berths.

Customs & Immigration Office​

Yachts can easily clear customs directly from their berth, as the marina is an official port of entry.

Shops & Entertainment​

Mina Rashid Marina is a complex of restaurants, cafes, entertainment such as the biggest bowling center in Dubai,  a captain’s lounge, a gym as well as a supermarket and fishing equipment shop.

Queen Elizabeth 2 - Embodying Everything We Stand For

Cruise Terminal

We are home to the legendary cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth 2. Retired from active service in 2008, the vessel has now been permanently anchored at the quay and has been converted into a floating hotel. Housing five exclusive restaurants, a theatre, an interactive museum, and luxurious rooms, the Queen Elizabeth 2 sums up the Mina Rashid Marina experience in terms of taste and class.

Mina Rashid is home to the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal 3, one of the most sophisticated cruise terminals in the world, along with Al Maktoum Cruise Terminal 2 and the Ferry Terminal.