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About the marina

Mina Rashid Marina

At the heart of it all is our premier marina and global hub Mina Rashid Marina – the region’s most sought-after superyacht destination for boat owners, their friends, family and crew.

Excellence is at the heart of our portfolio when it comes marina management and services, and Mina Rashid Marina promises every modern convenience and comfort to yacht owners and their families & friends, sailors, operators and clients of all categories. With round-the-clock fuelling and dock attendance, yacht repairs, free Wi-Fi, CCTV and a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals ensuring our guests have everything they need to enjoy the best in safety, security, comfort and entertainment.

Mina Rashid Marina has over 10 kilometers of open berthing space currently which is always available for custom solutions.

If there is a specific requirement that you would like to discuss, you can always get in touch with us and we would be delighted to learn more and provide a solution.

Mina Rashid Marina is home to over 400 yachts and boats

We welcome boats of various sizes

Mina Rashid Marina has the capacity to host some of the world’s biggest superyachts. We have a berthing capacity of 424 yachts between 15-80 metres, plus 7 additional coastal berths to accommodate superyachts that are over 80 metres, making the marina one of the most comprehensive in the Middle East.

Super yacht berths
20 m yacht berths
15 m yacht berths
Total capacity at Mina Rashid