Mina Rashid

A Unique Space Over The Sea

Due to its location in the heritage heart of Dubai, staying at Mina Rashid Marina means you can easily get around. It is a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, 15 minutes away from the Burj Khalifa, and just down the road from the lovely La Mer beachfront. If you want to learn more about nearby attractions, keep scrolling down this page to learn all about the unique and exciting places you can visit.

Nikki Beach

See the stunning panoramic views of the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, home to the Pearl Jumeirah’s beautiful waterfront. A day at Nikki Beach is just what you need to relax at its numerous spas, lounges, and bespoke entertainment venues.

La Mer & Jl Beach

The La Mer beachfront has emerged as one of Dubai’s most popular hotspots, attracting foodies for its al fresco dining options, outdoor shopping arcade, and fun-in-the-sun activities for families. At the southern end, you have J1 Beach, a luxury resort that will feature some of the world’s most exclusive restaurant chains.

City Walk

Seek the unexpected at this high-end lifestyle destination designed by Meraas. Enjoy the best that urban culture has to offer, from world-class restaurants to top-of-the-line luxury brands.

The Burj Khalifa

From our marina, you can spot the iconic Burj Khalifa, standing at 829.8 meters tall in Dubai. Take in its towering presence and marvel at the city’s skyline from afar.

Queen Elizabeth 2

We are home to the legendary cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth 2. Retired from active service in 2008, the vessel has now been permanently anchored at the quay and has been converted into a floating hotel. Housing five exclusive restaurants, a theatre, an interactive museum, and luxurious rooms, the Queen Elizabeth 2 sums up the Mina Rashid Marina experience in terms of taste and class.

AB Fitness

This is the time to change the image of a gym in your mind. Imagine an open space gym, 120 000 sqft with fantastic views of amazing Yachts that are not only a site to be seen but will keep you motivated.

AB Fitness is a one-of-a-kind gym, the one stop hub of fitness, catering for all kind of demographics.

Our gym is equipped with latest Technogym machines and equipment.
Crew members will enjoy special consideration when training in our gym.

Tyler’s Tavern

Nestled in the midst of Dubai’s most vibrant and oldest harbor, Mina Rashid Marina. Tyler’s Tavern’s unique interiors serves as a haven for seafarers and a hangout for socialites to let their hair down and absorb the heightened sensory experience that comes from being at a waterfront property.

Crew will enjoy consideration when joining our open bar, enjoy their huge 18sqm LED hung screen and free-to-play pool, darts and foosball or the generously spread seating which welcomes and allows for uninterrupted conversation, networking, and corporate events on the one hand, or parties and receptions on the other.

Dining & Entertainment

Flavors Grill Restaurant

The Coffee Lab

Flat 12 Café

H Bowling

Just Padel

Roll DXB

Specialty Batch Coffee Roastery

Bikers Station Café

Fatayer Station

Filfil Aswad Café

Fishtail Restaurant

Kona House Coffee

Siam Restaurant

Teteria Café