Mina Rashid Marina

Mina Rashid Marina

The heart and soul of Dubai’s thriving and vibrant marina culture, Mina Rashid was the first port built in our modern UAE, connecting our new country to the wider world. Where it once welcomed container ships, it now welcomes some of the most luxurious superyachts in the world.

Mina Rashid Marina is located at the mouth of the Creek, whose banks have served as a home for traditional markets, the gold souk, and cultural hub for centuries. This convenient location provides you with an experience that is unique – the luxury setting of a global superyacht hotspot immersed in a culturally vibrant heritage area.

Activities to Watch Out for at Mina Rashid in 2024
Mina Rashid Marina
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Dine out & about

The Mina Rashid Marina coastline is a smorgasbord of unique eateries. As Dubai’s premier waterfront hotspot, owners, guests, and crew can enjoy great coffee, and indulge in seafood and delicacies from around the world. And if you’re craving a more relaxed atmosphere, Mina Rashid’s Marina Cube complex ticks all the right boxes.

Things to do

Whether you are a crew member looking for some downtime, a guest looking for the ultimate charter stop, or a captain looking to amaze the owners when they’re next on board, Mina Rashid is much more than just a place to tend to superyachts.