Jumeirah 1 Marina

Jumeirah 1 Marina

Jumeirah 1 Marina is one of the oldest and most admired marinas in Dubai, a private seaside destination for those who value peace and quiet.

A stay at Jumeirah 1 means unparalleled views of the coastline and an experience that blends traditional Emirati aesthetics with modern amenities.

You can enjoy a wide range of activities catering to all ages. Sailing and fishing enthusiasts in particular will appreciate the serene locale, while its proximity to the city means friends and family has easy access to everything Dubai has to offer.

Things to do

Jumeirah 1’s theme is serenity. Laze away the days by the seaside, soaking in the fresh air and coastal vistas in complete privacy. For the more adventurous sorts, we offer a wide array of watersports like jet skiing and kayaking, while gourmands can dine at some of the finest seafood restaurants in Dubai. No matter what you prefer, this charming traditional-styled waterfront will always surprise you with what it has to offer.