The Heart of Dubai’s Cruise Industry

Mina Rashid, more than just a port, is a vibrant symbol of Dubai’s commitment to becoming a global cruise hub. This award-winning facility not only underscores the city’s maritime heritage but also its modern capabilities in handling some of the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise liners. As a critical economic asset, Mina Rashid propels the local economy by attracting a multitude of international tourists each year, thereby enriching the city’s economic landscape far beyond the typical reach of a maritime terminal.

World-Class Facilities Across Two Specialized Terminals

Mina Rashid features three distinct type of vessels, each designed to cater to the unique needs of its visitors:


The Mega-Cruise Terminal (Dedicated Terminal) CT3

Tailored for the world’s largest cruise ships, this terminal accommodates the giants of the sea, facilitating a smooth and grand welcome to thousands of international passengers eager to explore the vibrant city of Dubai.


The Luxury Cruise Terminal. (Dedicated Terminal CT2)

Dedicated to luxury cruise liners, this terminal provides an intimate and refined arrival experience, catering to the needs of those seeking the epitome of comfort and exclusivity.


The Regional and International Ferry Terminal (in CT2)

Serving as a hub for regional and international ferries, this terminal enhances connectivity across the Gulf and beyond, ensuring efficient transitions and a continuation of the luxury that Mina Rashid stands for.

Discover the Prestige of Mina Rashid Cruise Terminals

Welcome to Mina Rashid, the crown jewel of Dubai’s maritime industry and a beacon for the world’s most illustrious cruise lines. Awarded repeatedly as the World’s Leading Cruise Port by the World Travel Awards, Mina Rashid offers an unmatched cruise experience, combining luxurious amenities with unrivaled service.

A Diverse Array of Cruise Lines for their Home Porting Needs

Mina Rashid proudly hosts an impressive array of top-tier cruise lines, including but not limited to MSC, TUI, etc. These lines choose Mina Rashid for its ability to provide superior facilities and services, accommodating everything from mega-ships carrying thousands of travelers to luxury vessels offering bespoke experiences.

Sustainability and Innovation at the Heart

Committed to sustainability, Mina Rashid implements eco-friendly practices such as reducing emissions and conserving energy and water, reflecting Dubai’s vision of a sustainable future. Continuous expansion and innovation ensure that Mina Rashid remains at the forefront of the cruise industry, ready to meet the evolving demands of global travelers.

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Whether you’re embarking on a journey of discovery aboard a mega-cruise liner or seeking the exclusive comforts of a luxury cruise, Mina Rashid is your premier choice. Contact us today to learn more about our facilities, book a berth, or plan your visit. At Mina Rashid, we make every arrival and departure a memorable part of your travel story.

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