Learn how to Sail with P&O MARINAS SAILING ACADEMY

Learn how to Sail with P&O MARINAS SAILING ACADEMY

15th Jun 2023

As a world-renowned tourist destination and business hub, there are plenty of attractions you can visit and activities to try in Dubai.  If you’re staying for a while and you’re interested in learning something new, consider taking sailing courses in Dubai, especially if you live close to Mina Rashid Marina.

Water sports are exciting activities to watch. If you’re up for a thrill, you might want to consider trying some different activities until you find the activity that you like best. There are institutions where you can train and develop the skills needed for different water sports. In these courses, you will learn about different skills and techniques that will allow you to enjoy the sport and even compete at a global level.

If you’re looking for an institution where you can learn how to sail, consider checking P&O Marinas Sailing Academy. The academy aims to train and develop young marine watersports enthusiasts who can compete at a global level or just enjoy learning a new skill. They offer a range of learning opportunities — from boating basics to advanced certifications.

Taught by world-class instructors, the academy’s courses aim to teach learners basic handling and the skills required to pilot a sailing boat independently. They will also learn the procedures for berthing in Dubai to make sure there won’t be any issues as they make their way to their allocated space in the harbor.

Courses are also designed to inspire learners (young and young at heart) to appreciate the beauty of marine life. Lessons also emphasize the importance of marine ecosystems, teaching learners why they must care about the environment and what they can do to make sure they don’t cause any harm to nature while trying to have fun.

The academy offers a range of courses that you can take as a one-time learning activity, or you can continue taking the succeeding courses to build confidence in the water no matter what weather condition you encounter.

Whether you’re looking for an institution where you can learn how to sail or you require repair, refueling, and another marine service in Dubai for your sailing boat or yacht, P&O Marinas will cater to your needs.

We offer a range of facilities and services that you and your family and friends can use, so you can enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free stay in Dubai.

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