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P&O Marinas is where boat owners go when they are in the Middle East. Why? Because, whether you’re a local resident or an international traveler, we offer a unique experience suited to those who need a touch of class and a close knit community, right at the heritage gateway to Dubai.

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Indulge in Dubai's extraordinary Mina Rashid, where history meets luxury

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Lace up with P&O Marinas for a meaningful fun run on Sunday, February 25, 2024, supporting cancer research in...

25th Feb 2024

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Wind Rises Launches in Dubai’s Mina Rashid

Wind Rises Launches in Dubai’s Mina Rashid

Dubai, 10th April 2023. Wind Rises sailing community was launched at DP World’s Mina Rashid Marina in Dubai. Sailing...

10th Apr 2023

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P&O Marinas: A Destination for Local Residents and International Travelers Seeking Class and Community

P&O Marinas offers a luxurious and community-driven experience for those berthing their yachts in Dubai. At Mina Rashid Marina, you’ll find world-class facilities and a vibrant community, making it an ideal spot for both residents, international travelers, and boat owners...

10th Jul 2024

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Summer Yacht Care: Top Tips for Keeping Your Super Yacht Shipshape

As summer heats up, it’s crucial to ensure your craft or yacht remains in pristine condition. Whether you’re berthing in Dubai or sailing the high seas, proper maintenance is key. Here are our top tips to keep your vessel shipshape...

20th Jun 2024

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